Born without the Borderline

Lyndsay E. Gilbert

You tell the truth
you were born this wayborn with a giftand a curse at playborn with a sensebeyond only fivea smouldering intensityburns you aliveYou feel the depthsyou love beyond measureyou suffer more tooIt’s both pain and pleasureBorn not disorderedjust filled with emotionthe illness comes lateryou drown in an oceanA pit of confusionyou don’t understandwhy you’re spilling overwhile others stay calm
when you watch the newsit breaks you apartempathy cloaks youit weighs down your heartThe strength of your feelingsshows on your faceAnd when its rejectedyou flood with disgraceShame coats your bodyyou choke on your tearsThey call you dramaticyou shadow your fearsyou turn it all inwardcontrol it with painyou know you are differentyou think you’re insaneJust little…

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You are your own Hero, in addiction If you Fight with all that you’ve got The Dragon can be slayed Depending on the choices made
Save yourself, the time is now Begin your recovery, it matters not how Whether you seek serenity within sacred prayer Search for peace, it’s within you I swear Slay the demon, imagine how freedom must feel Small steps to the part where you begin to heal
Your life depends on you conquering those fears Silence the clucking, wipe away your tears It’s time to be brave and clean up your act Choose to become a hero out of addiction, you can do that!